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 VisualLab - dcsDigitiser makes computations of mathematics even easier.  Type your equations as it is in a textbook, a click to obtain solutions.  No training, no learning is needed.  It also reads graphs into digital X-Y numerical numbers for peer analysis of graphs in the open literature and/or of your own hard copies.  With excellent performance, VisualLab - dcsDigitiser is accurate, precise, versatile and straightforward in its use. 

Example 1:    Type (or copy and paste) your matrix data and equation in, click "Calculate" to obtain the answer.  For linear equations, type ax = b.  

Example 2:    For computations with complex numbers, it is so simple as shown below:

Example 3:   When you have a series of calculations to obtain answer, the Super Calculator is convienant.  Type in the equations, click "Solve" to obtain all the answers.

Example 4:  For transcendental equations, simply type in and obtain the solution. 

Example 5:  Using VisualLab - dcsDigitiser, one can easily plot graph for equations.  FFT (Fast Fourier Transformation) allows one to study the frequency spectrum of the graph plotted. 

Example 6:  A single peak DSC curve is digitised and its equation is obtained by curving fitting;  X-Y numbers of a multiple peak curve is imported to VisualLab - dcsDigitiser, the curve is then fitted by curve fitting to obtain the eqution: its multiple components are deconvoluted.  

Example 7:    It is so easy to solve a differentail equation system.  Input the equation and inital values in, then click "Solve".

Example 8:    Simply by a few clicks, VisualLab-dcsDigitiser ditigises a contour line.  The area size enclosed by the contour line is then calculated by a click.

Example 9:    VisualLab-dcsDigitiser ditigises a color contour graph .

Example 10:  VisualLab - dcsDigitiser can be used for gel analysis as well: Both novelist Brown and historian Hart are interested in reviewing the forensic records of Mr. Kennedy's assassination, and have the hair DNA testing results of 4 then suspects in hand.  Using dcsDigitiser, Brown and Hart digitized the hair DNA gel and obtained numerical density profiles for peer analysis by their own eyes, which are often, though not always, sharper than that of CIA and FBI detectives.  BI detectives. 

    A probability curve of normal distribution with its mean μ = 10, σ = 13 is displayed.  Probability for a sample falling in range 4 <= x < 13 is computed as the area size.

Example 12:    Type (copy paste) your data to VisualLab, click "Run" to obtain two-way ANOVA results.

Example 13:    Serial communication (RS232c or USB) to collect data from an instrument.