A speech at the 13th NEC Go Tournament, Melourne Austalia



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18th of April 2009 (Saturday), Transcripts: ormal"> I’ve attended the NEC Go Tournament five times so far and this is my sixth attendance.  I am not a new face, however I’m still excited, I’m excited as much as when I attended the 8th NEC Go Tournament first time in the year 2004.  Go is a game with the simplest rules but the most complex strategies and tactics.  Go is unique, it symbolises wisdom, it symbolises fascination.  Indeed, it is always enjoyable whenever, wherever we play Go. 

Go is fascinating enough and glamorous enough; its players, however, are even more fascinating and more glamorous.  Now let me tell you the true reason why I am still excited about this NEC Go Tournament; this is because I’ve come to witness and to participate a wonderful event, an event with so many wonderful people gathering together at such a wonderful place to play such a wonderful game.  It is really wonderful 

We’ll start playing soon.  Let’s all do our best - do our best not for the sake of winning or losing, but for the sake of exchanging Go experience with your fellow players, for the sake of making the NEC Go Tournament a special event that everybody likes to talk about it, everybody likes to mention it in the Go community, and for the sake of building up Melbourne into the capital of Go in Australia.

Last but not least, I would like to give a special welcome to all the delegates from Japan.   


The Australian Go Association           澳大利亚围棋协会                 http://www.australiango.asn.au/

 The Korean Baduk Association          韩国棋院                               http://www.baduk.or.kr/

 The Chinese Weiqi Association          中国棋院                                http://www.weiqi.org.cn/

 The Nihon Ki-in                                 日本棋院                               http://www.nihonkiin.or.jp/

 The International Go Federation        国际围棋协会                        https://intergofed.org

 棋圣道场                                                                                        http://weiqi.sports.tom.com/