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12x + 8*y + 2z = 4

    3x + 5*y + z - 5 = 0

-0.3 + 3(Cos(Sin(2x1^2 + 3x1 - 3)))^2 = Cos(0.8) |

4= 5*x + 8 y+ 3z -2

2* x2^4 + x2^2+ 3x2^3-5x2 = 2

123.456*234.567= a


x21 = 1.064646
x22 = -0.3960613
x23 = -1.084293 + 1.093553 i
x24 = -1.084293 - 1.093553 i
x11 = 0.8931213
x12 = -2.393121

18a = 521256.7

a = 28598.7
x = -0.48
y = 1.56
z = -1.36

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